Mon journal en voyage <1>

Cela fait 10 ans que j’ai commence a jouer du piano dans des concerts a l’etranger.
Mes experiences dans l’activite musicale a l’international, depuis que j’ai vu les actes
terroristes du 11 Septembre 2001, ont fait progresser, non seulement ma musique mais aussi ma vision global des choses.
Jouer dans des environnements, que je ne connais pas ou peu, provoque en moi une joie inegale car je dois puiser mon inspiration pour improviser a partir de ce milieu incertain.
Il s’agissait d’un risque excitant pour moi d’aller dans un pays etranger toute seule et y jouer avec d’autres musiciens, sans aucune experience du pays et sans maitriser sa langue.
En continuant a organiser mes tournes a l’etranger, a ma facon, je pense avoir pris de l’assurance et avoir plus confiance en moi.

J’ai tenu un journal de route presque tous les jours lors de mes voyage.
Je vais les ecrire petit a petit sur ce blog.

NY 2001 Prologue

J’ai vu Mme F a “Pit Inn” (une salle de concert de jazz a Tokyo), dans une conference qu’elle a organise pour Paul Bley, qui etait son maitre a l’ecole de musique de Boston.
Peu après, je l’ai retrouvee avec son mari a une autre salle de concert quand j’ai joue un morceau de Charlie Parker avec un saxphoniste et un joueur de shamisen.
Ils ont etudie le jazz a l’ecole de musique a Boston, fait des activites musicales a New York pendant une dizaine d’annees, et sont rentres au Japon il y a quelque annees.
J’ai tout de suite aime leur generesite qui etait une sorte d’esprit de boheme, et nous nous sommes bien entendus
Et puis, ils m’ont propose d’aller a New York avec eux quand ils y iront, et m’ont recommande d’enregitrer et sortir mon premier album en CD.
J’ai hesite au debut, mais j’ai finalement decide de faire un CD après avoir ecoute leur avis.
Enregistrer est une activite musicale naturelle pour les musiciens .dans le monde.

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My diary of traveling overseas <1>

It’s already been 10 years since I started playing in concerts overseas.
My international musical activity, starting from 2001 in New York where I met the terrorist attack on Sep.11, gave me the chance not only to develop my music but also to make my view global and think about things deeply.
For me, the great thing about traveling around the world is diving into unfamiliar circumstances, and drawing out power from my internal space to deal with things which you meet.
It was risky in a way to play with musicians in unfamiliar countries without enough information or preparation, but after continuing in that way, I got assurance and confidence.
I kept a diary almost every day during my trip.
I’m going to read them again, and write them on my blog little by little.

New York 2001 “Prologue”

I met Mrs.F. at a workshop at “Pit Inn”, which she organized for Paul Bley, a jazz pianist, who taught her at music school in Boston.
A while later, I met her and her husband at my concert when I played a tune by Charlie Parker with a saxophonist and a shamisen player.
Mrs F and Mr T studied jazz at the music school in Boston, then after doing musical activities in New York for 10 years, they recently came back to Japan.
I liked their bohemian mood, and we hit it off at once.
After we had talked for a while, they asked me if I’d like to join them in New York when they went there next time, and recommended that I should record in a studio in New York.
I hadn’t recorded my music before, and I hesitated at first, but as I heard that it’s the norm for musicians overseas to make a CD as part of their musical activities, I decided to do it.

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I spent the winter holidays in my hometown、and came back to Tokyo after an interval of 10 days.
While I was soaking in the open-air bath, looking at moon shining with pale light in the biting wind, visions of what I’m going to do this year rose to the surface little by little.
Last year, I managed to reach my target of extracting essence from my music through my European tour, and finishing my CD, and this year, I’m going to try out various possibilities starting from the point which I got to last year.
I’m going to do my best to do that, little by little, taking my time, and enjoying it.

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My CD is finally finished!!

My third album, " A bientot", is finally finished!!
A lot of pictures by Makino-san are used on the sleeve in various ways.
It feels vivid, and somehow a little different from the video images we recorded.
This time, I wanted to express the resonance or chemical reactions around me, instead of an ensemble piece with instruments.
I remembered the sounds of the brush when Makino-san painted, and mixed some of them into my piano playing.
It made me feel that I could express the space which I felt when I did improvisation more clearly.

In November, I'm doing a collaboration to celebrate the release of the CD at " Artland" in Musashi Kogane, and I'm looking forward to it!!

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CD "A bientot"

My CD on which I collaborated with Isao the painter is nearly finished, and I've sent the data to Ariyama Design Store.
The jacket design which Tatsuya Ariyama showed me when I had a meeting with him about the CD was very original, and I'm looking forward to completing it.
On the 8th of Novemver, I'm going to do a collabration with Isao for the release of the CD.
It's been a long time since we have done a "fighting"collaboration one on one, and I'm very excited!!!

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European Tour <2>

The rainbow which I saw at Charles de Gaule airport gave me energy while I was traveling around for 2 months alone.
After that, I was encouraged by the beautiful scenery and warm words which I met everywhere.

This tour started from an offer by a European musician who listened to my CD, " Cielo."
When I started planning a tour by making contact with several friends in Europe, building out from the concert in July, Yuichi gave me a plan about a European tour in May, and in the end I did a 2 month long tour.
At first, I planned 10 improvised concerts, but as I started the tour, the musicians who played with me and came to my concerts organised a lot of new concerts, and in the end I played 24 concerts in 2 months. ( 4 La Veuve Mustache concerts and 20 improvised concerts.)
A man from a label offered to make a CD, Itaru Oki played with me, and my CD was played on the radio.
It was enjoyable!
This time, I improvised not only on acoustic piano but also electric piano, toy piano, and played 2 pianos ( one of them was tuned, the other was out of tune) at once.
It was exciting!!

The wine which I drank after the concerts tasted excellent!!!

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European Tour <1>

I'm really sleepy because I stayed up until 3 o'clock copying the new virsion of one of the songs in "La Veuve Mustache," named "Day after Day, and I got up at 5 o'clock.
This time I had a window seat, and I fully enjoyed the scenery from the window of the plane.
The scenery of Siberia is in a class of its own.
There were so many mountains arroyed in the frame of the window that I felt dizzy!
It looked as if the waves of the ocean had frozen and become mountains.
The shapes of the mountains changed little by little as the plane passed by.
It was amazing, and I couldn't stop watching them!
On the Baltic Sea, the sky and the sea blended with each other, and the islands, edged by beaches like lace, seemed to float in the sky.
Clouds like dolphins which floated above the sky of Stockholm, clouds which were transparent like lace on the waves of the sea, and cottony clouds like doughnuts.
When the plane was going to land, a town as pretty as a picture, Copenhagen, appeared before my eyes.
I changed planes, and went toward Paris.
The sea was rolling like a soft skin, and the clouds I saw, transparent like a veil, seemed to be folded several times.
When the plane arrived at Charles de Gaule airport, one of the crew who got off before me was whistling a song, "Over the Rainbow,"and I saw a big rainbow in the sky.

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My Europian Tour

This time, I made my tour like a patchwork.
It all stared when I got an e-mail at the beginning of this year from someone who listened to my CD,"Cielo".
He asked me if we could play together in July in Europe.
I said OK, and I started to plan a tour in around JUly.
I sent a recording of my playing to several places, waited for a long time, and finally I managed to arrenge over 10 concerts in June and July.
Then, Yuichi, who I played with in " La Veuve Moustache", gave me an e-mail, and asked me if I could play with him in Europe in May.
I said OK, and in the end my tour becaome a multiple tour.

This is my itinerary.

La Veuve Moustache
15th Rotterdam
16th Brussels     
21st Paris    
10th London

my tour [ improvised music]
1st Bern
14th Paris
16th Le Mans
17th Nantes
18th Eviron
29th Paris
4 or 5 Paris
9 Lausanne
10 Bern
11 Biel

I woke up to find that I'm staying in Europe from May to July, this time.
I don't know what's going to happen to me, but I want to accept everything and enjoy it!

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Walking ~Wadabori Park

I went to Wadabori Park to see the cherry blossoms.
The weather forecast had said that the weather would be sunny, but actually it was slightly cloudy and chilly.
I sat on a bench under the cherry trees, and ate "sakura-mochi", a japanese cake which is wrapped in a cherry leaf, drinking hot green tea.
Until 10 years ago, I used to have a walk with Ponta, my dog, in the park almost every day.
Now I found some places where were fewertrees than before, and some paths which were overgrown with unfamiliar plants, and it felt very different, but I managed to find a tree, Ponta's tree, where I buried a piece of my dog's bone at the roots of the tree when he died, and I found some violets blooming there.

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Water Logic <2>

The most interesting thing for me about improvisation is that I can observe my mental state by noticing the reaction inside of me to the situation.
I make a kind of image of each concert in advance, but when it actually starts, something unexpected happens, I throw away all my ideas at once, my mind relaxes, leave myself to the situation, and then all my senses start working.
I love that state.
It's the most exciting moment for me.

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