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My Europian Tour

This time, I made my tour like a patchwork.
It all stared when I got an e-mail at the beginning of this year from someone who listened to my CD,"Cielo".
He asked me if we could play together in July in Europe.
I said OK, and I started to plan a tour in around JUly.
I sent a recording of my playing to several places, waited for a long time, and finally I managed to arrenge over 10 concerts in June and July.
Then, Yuichi, who I played with in " La Veuve Moustache", gave me an e-mail, and asked me if I could play with him in Europe in May.
I said OK, and in the end my tour becaome a multiple tour.

This is my itinerary.

La Veuve Moustache
15th Rotterdam
16th Brussels     
21st Paris    
10th London

my tour [ improvised music]
1st Bern
14th Paris
16th Le Mans
17th Nantes
18th Eviron
29th Paris
4 or 5 Paris
9 Lausanne
10 Bern
11 Biel

I woke up to find that I'm staying in Europe from May to July, this time.
I don't know what's going to happen to me, but I want to accept everything and enjoy it!

投稿者 yokomiura : 2008年05月04日 23:32