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European Tour <2>

The rainbow which I saw at Charles de Gaule airport gave me energy while I was traveling around for 2 months alone.
After that, I was encouraged by the beautiful scenery and warm words which I met everywhere.

This tour started from an offer by a European musician who listened to my CD, " Cielo."
When I started planning a tour by making contact with several friends in Europe, building out from the concert in July, Yuichi gave me a plan about a European tour in May, and in the end I did a 2 month long tour.
At first, I planned 10 improvised concerts, but as I started the tour, the musicians who played with me and came to my concerts organised a lot of new concerts, and in the end I played 24 concerts in 2 months. ( 4 La Veuve Mustache concerts and 20 improvised concerts.)
A man from a label offered to make a CD, Itaru Oki played with me, and my CD was played on the radio.
It was enjoyable!
This time, I improvised not only on acoustic piano but also electric piano, toy piano, and played 2 pianos ( one of them was tuned, the other was out of tune) at once.
It was exciting!!

The wine which I drank after the concerts tasted excellent!!!

投稿者 yokomiura : 2008年07月26日 23:02