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European Tour <1>

I'm really sleepy because I stayed up until 3 o'clock copying the new virsion of one of the songs in "La Veuve Mustache," named "Day after Day, and I got up at 5 o'clock.
This time I had a window seat, and I fully enjoyed the scenery from the window of the plane.
The scenery of Siberia is in a class of its own.
There were so many mountains arroyed in the frame of the window that I felt dizzy!
It looked as if the waves of the ocean had frozen and become mountains.
The shapes of the mountains changed little by little as the plane passed by.
It was amazing, and I couldn't stop watching them!
On the Baltic Sea, the sky and the sea blended with each other, and the islands, edged by beaches like lace, seemed to float in the sky.
Clouds like dolphins which floated above the sky of Stockholm, clouds which were transparent like lace on the waves of the sea, and cottony clouds like doughnuts.
When the plane was going to land, a town as pretty as a picture, Copenhagen, appeared before my eyes.
I changed planes, and went toward Paris.
The sea was rolling like a soft skin, and the clouds I saw, transparent like a veil, seemed to be folded several times.
When the plane arrived at Charles de Gaule airport, one of the crew who got off before me was whistling a song, "Over the Rainbow,"and I saw a big rainbow in the sky.

投稿者 yokomiura : 2008年07月26日 22:31